#THREE - Formally Autumn

It’s time for the third and final outfit from my #THREE campaign with Topman, we launched this a few weeks back to celebrate a crazy, amazing, inspiring and awesome three years of this very blog! We wanted to go out on a dapper note and this three-piece certainly hits all the right trends.

I love a three-piece suit, it’s always something when I was younger I never thought suited me, I found myself a bit too lanky and tall for them, but I think after those awkward teenage years, I have grown into my height and I am finally venturing into new style territory. You won’t find many suits on my blog, there are loads of great bloggers out there that do dapper great and do it often, but over here you’ll find me more actual and highstreet, Tom Ford is great but let’s be achievable!

Topman Suit | Sam Squire UK male fashion & lifestyle blogger

I love this light blue wool-rich suit from Topman, it’s got a nice thick quality to it, so those horrible creases you pick up throughout a day in the office are pretty much non-existent. Wool-rich suits are great for late autumn, headed into winter as they definitely add a bit of warmth to your suit, especially if you go for that extra layer and add a waistcoat!

The fine lines and detailing on the suit are so nice, I am usually a black suit kind of guy, I don’t often venture too far when it comes to suits but when putting this campaign together with the guys over at Topman, we decided to try something new and I have to say, this is now my absolute go-to suit!

Topman Suit | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

I also decided to try a different fit, usually, I opt for a slim fit suit, nothing too tight but nothing too loose (loose fitting looks so weird on me). This time, I picked an ultra-skinny fit suit and I am a big fan of the fit, the only annoying thing is it rides up my legs when I sit down and gets all bunched up on my legs when I go to stand up, but all in all it’s a really comfortable suit, it’s such a good price too, especially got the quality you get! It’s a great suit for dressing up or down depending on the occasion.

I always think you can’t go wrong with a white shirt, no matter the colour of the suit, if you’ve got a white shirt then you’re set. This white stretch-skinny shirt is such a nice fit, but it isn't too tight and will definitely stretch with you as you over-indulge at a festive dinner party! Topman has a great selection of white shirts so if a skinny fit isn't for you, click here and have a browse of their other white shirts!

Topman Suit | Sam Squire UK male fashion & lifestyle blogger

I paired the suit with some snake-effect leather shoes, light blue/grey suits are great because you can wear brown or black shoes with them, some people don’t like black and grey together but I think it works really well. These are actually on sale at the minute and are currently the comfiest smart shoes I own, the genuine leather is so soft and they’ve got an even softer leather lining inside too - again these aren't something I would usually opt for but I am wearing them all the time, I think they look great with this suit as a finishing piece.

As it was chilly, I also chucked on my wool mix longline bomber that I featured in my last post, it's perfect for keeping warm on a cold day, check it out here!

As this is the final part of the Topman X Sam Squire #THREE campaign, this is your last chance to win £100 to spend at Topman, click here to find out how to win!

Got to give full props to my sister for taking these shots, I love them! Check out her blog, The Stylinguist!

The Wedding

If you follow me on social, you’ll know I’ve had a cool and exciting project coming up with the chaps at Burton Menswear. Well, it’s here! I was recently contacted by them and tasked with creating a chilled look for a very specific smart occasion. The occasion I was given was a wedding abroad, after donning my suit and waiting what seemed like years for a spot of sun, I headed out on the shoot.

I think for an abroad wedding you want to be comfortable, chilled and effortless. The ‘less is more’ approach definitely works better when it comes to being abroad. The light coloured suit offers a fantastic base to build off of for the overall look.

Burton menswear suit | Sam Squire uk male fashion & lifestyle blogger

I love a good wedding and I think it’s so important to look your best, whether you’re the groom, the father of the bride or the best man - it’s all in the suit and how you style it up! Here’s exactly how you should be styling up a suit when you head to the South of France for your best mate’s wedding.

Burton Menswear Suit | Sam Squire UK male fashion blogger

The Suit
You want a nice light suit, especially if the wedding is on the beach or in amongst the amazing sandstone buildings, the Slim Fit Grey Cotton Suit that I am wearing is perfect for this. The material is actually quite light which makes it a great choice for warmer climes - plus the slim fitting tailoring makes it a really nice, modern looking fit, especially if you’re of a slimmer build. This suit is actually perfect to keep in your wardrobe at all times, it’s great to dress up or down and offers total dapper versatility, both with and without a tie.

Burton Menswear suit wedding | Sam Squire Uk male fashion blogger

Soft and neutral tones are great for weddings abroad, blacks and dark blues can look a bit harsh plus you’ll be absolutely boiling when your suit absorbs the summer rays! The bottoms of the legs roll up really nicely, which is great if the wedding is on the beach and you fancy a paddle…it just looks super chilled and comfortable.

Style it up
Often it’s not necessarily what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Adding cool additional touches is the ultimate way to get the most from an outfit. As we’re talking a warm Mediterranean wedding I think it’s all about the shades. I’m rocking a pair of super cool Black Matte Clubmasters which literally cost twelve quid but look and feel like much higher quality. These are literally summer all wrapped up in a pair of sunnies, and they’re possibly one of the best ways you can make your wedding look go from hot to sizzling. The white skinny fit shirt, which you can grab for £22 is great for offsetting against the dark sunglasses, and for keeping you cool!

Burton Menswear Wedding Suit | Sam Squire UK male fashion & lifestyle blogger

The great thing about this suit, and of course attending weddings abroad is that you don’t have to wear a tie! I’ve shown you the look both with and without the tie, and both look smart and effortlessly cool. If you fancy wearing a tie, you should of course pick one to match your date’s dress. Burton has a huge range of ties available, the one I am wearing is the Slim Neutral Patterned Tie - actually the key word in this is neutral and is the one theme I would recommend carrying through the whole look, this £10 tie is great for creating a clean and really fresh look. I’ve teamed it with a gold tie clip, again to keep the really fresh tones. At just £10 these are a real steal, plus they come with some cufflinks which is great for a double cuffed shirt!

Burton Menswear Wedding Style | Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

I’d always recommend accessorising, a bit of man jewellery never went amiss I’m wearing the Smart Ridge Bangle, this is a super cool detailed bangle that’ll fit most wrists, it just helps to make the suit a little more casual, comfortable and smart looking. The other important thing is shoes! Now, not going to lie, if it’s a beach wedding I’d be totally happy going barefoot - however in this instance I chose to roll up the legs of the trousers and wear some super smart Burgundy Tassel Loafers, a bit of a steal at £18!

Now all that’s left to do is add a buttonhole, rather than putting mine in the usual buttonhole position, I opted to pop mine in my breast pocket, it’s a great way of replacing a pocket square and adds a cool dynamic to the look.

It’s the perfect look for a nice chilled wedding, the look is adaptable to help you stay comfy in warmer climates but is also crazy affordable, helping you offset the cost of your plane ticket!

The BRITs Look

It’s my favourite awards night of them all tonight, the BRITs! Whilst I was invited to go along (and go to a bloody awesome afterparty) I unfortunately had to decline…broken hearted! However I’ve done the next best thing and teamed up with my friends over at M&S to bring you some dapper award style!

When you’re on the red carpet and headed to awards, you want to look your best, dress dapper and of course, be noticed! With this look you’ll stand out and have the respect and attention of style aficionados the world over!

BRIT Awards | Marks & Spencer mens style | Sam squire uk male fashion blogger

The Limited Edition navy tuxedo is a super modern tux in a dapper super slim fit with a jacquard pattern - it’s amazing quality and will feel comfortable all night long, no matter what parties you end up at! You can pick this up over here, it’s £55 for the jacket and £44 for the trousers, a pretty good price I reckon!

Brit awards 2016 | M&S mens style | Sam squire uk male blogger

With this tux you can pair it simply with a white shirt, I’d personally recommend this Pure Cotton Slim Fit Shirt from the M&S Collection - the Collection items are such good quality and the slim fit cut will go great with your suit if you leave it unbuttoned for a really comfortable look! This is £45 and available here!

brit awards 2016 | m&s collection menswear | Sam squire uk male fashion blogger

Every dapper man around knows a bow tie is the way to go…and not just any bow tie…a tie-it-yourself bow tie! This M&S pure silk bow tie will help you look the part and it’s only £12.50…now you just need to learn how to tie it!

Brit awards 2016 | M&S COllection menswear | Sam squire uk male fashion blogger

If you’re going for the ultimate dapper look, these M&S Collection Toe Cap shoes are the perfect addition to your smooth evening outfit - and at £65 it’s a pretty good deal, too! Or, you could pull an Ed Sheeran and rock some sneakers for the casual look!

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