Dealing with online abuse

It’s 2017 and currently over 70% of the UK’s adult population has a social media profile. Unfortunately with social media comes trolls, rumours, abuse and K***e Hopkins (I mean really, why?!). More and more people suffer at the hands of online trolls because sat behind a screen it’s much easier to get away with being a dick for no reason.

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Pearly Whites

I get quite a bit of blogger mail, and a lot of it doesn't make the mark to be put up on the blog - I only ever want to share products I fully endorse with you lot. Last week I took delivery of a rather posh package, inside a black box emblazoned with Bruzzoni

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An Autumnal Affair

Can you believe how quickly autumn has crept up on us? Honestly, it feels like spring was just a few weeks ago, and this up and down weather certainly doesn't help when deciding what to wear for the day. I tend to update my wardrobe with some key pieces each season to make sure that I have all the latest trends to mix and match throughout the season.

Samsoe Samsoe | John Lewis | Sam Squire UK male fashion blogger

This autumn I have been checking out John Lewis, I am sure I don’t need to do any introduction for the UK’s most famous department store, but I have been seriously impressed by the effort they have put into their menswear collections, adding new brands and making sure they’re on the very top of the seasonal trends.

One of their latest additions comes in the form of Scandinavian brand Samsøe & Samsøe. The luxury brand offers some chunky knit jumpers, smart-casual shirts and easy to wear jackets make for a fantastically versatile collection, I especially like the Shields Jacket, a black jacket with really cool gold zip detailing. It’s the type of jacket that you could wear during the day for a really casual look, or dress up with a shirt and smart shoes in the evening for a comfortable yet smart night out.

Samsoe Samsoe | John Lewis | Sam Squire UK male fashion blogger
Samsoe Samsoe | John Lewis | Sam Squire UK male fashion blogger

The fall collection is perfect for updating your wardrobe, with lots of earthy, neutral tones that you’ll definitely want to wrap up in as the cooler mornings - I love a flannel shirt, their Liam flannel shirt comes in a pearl blue colour, a great colour for layering, like the Kronos crew, team these with a pair of black jeans and some Chelsea style boots and you’ve got yourself a really good look.

I’ve got to say I am really impressed with John Lewis, they’ve got a great collection together with Samsøe & Samsøe and I’ll certainly be picking myself up some items from the collection if you want to shop the full range, click here and take a look! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

The Wedding

If you follow me on social, you’ll know I’ve had a cool and exciting project coming up with the chaps at Burton Menswear. Well, it’s here! I was recently contacted by them and tasked with creating a chilled look for a very specific smart occasion. The occasion I was given was a wedding abroad, after donning my suit and waiting what seemed like years for a spot of sun, I headed out on the shoot.

I think for an abroad wedding you want to be comfortable, chilled and effortless. The ‘less is more’ approach definitely works better when it comes to being abroad. The light coloured suit offers a fantastic base to build off of for the overall look.

Burton menswear suit | Sam Squire uk male fashion & lifestyle blogger

I love a good wedding and I think it’s so important to look your best, whether you’re the groom, the father of the bride or the best man - it’s all in the suit and how you style it up! Here’s exactly how you should be styling up a suit when you head to the South of France for your best mate’s wedding.

Burton Menswear Suit | Sam Squire UK male fashion blogger

The Suit
You want a nice light suit, especially if the wedding is on the beach or in amongst the amazing sandstone buildings, the Slim Fit Grey Cotton Suit that I am wearing is perfect for this. The material is actually quite light which makes it a great choice for warmer climes - plus the slim fitting tailoring makes it a really nice, modern looking fit, especially if you’re of a slimmer build. This suit is actually perfect to keep in your wardrobe at all times, it’s great to dress up or down and offers total dapper versatility, both with and without a tie.

Burton Menswear suit wedding | Sam Squire Uk male fashion blogger

Soft and neutral tones are great for weddings abroad, blacks and dark blues can look a bit harsh plus you’ll be absolutely boiling when your suit absorbs the summer rays! The bottoms of the legs roll up really nicely, which is great if the wedding is on the beach and you fancy a paddle…it just looks super chilled and comfortable.

Style it up
Often it’s not necessarily what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Adding cool additional touches is the ultimate way to get the most from an outfit. As we’re talking a warm Mediterranean wedding I think it’s all about the shades. I’m rocking a pair of super cool Black Matte Clubmasters which literally cost twelve quid but look and feel like much higher quality. These are literally summer all wrapped up in a pair of sunnies, and they’re possibly one of the best ways you can make your wedding look go from hot to sizzling. The white skinny fit shirt, which you can grab for £22 is great for offsetting against the dark sunglasses, and for keeping you cool!

Burton Menswear Wedding Suit | Sam Squire UK male fashion & lifestyle blogger

The great thing about this suit, and of course attending weddings abroad is that you don’t have to wear a tie! I’ve shown you the look both with and without the tie, and both look smart and effortlessly cool. If you fancy wearing a tie, you should of course pick one to match your date’s dress. Burton has a huge range of ties available, the one I am wearing is the Slim Neutral Patterned Tie - actually the key word in this is neutral and is the one theme I would recommend carrying through the whole look, this £10 tie is great for creating a clean and really fresh look. I’ve teamed it with a gold tie clip, again to keep the really fresh tones. At just £10 these are a real steal, plus they come with some cufflinks which is great for a double cuffed shirt!

Burton Menswear Wedding Style | Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

I’d always recommend accessorising, a bit of man jewellery never went amiss I’m wearing the Smart Ridge Bangle, this is a super cool detailed bangle that’ll fit most wrists, it just helps to make the suit a little more casual, comfortable and smart looking. The other important thing is shoes! Now, not going to lie, if it’s a beach wedding I’d be totally happy going barefoot - however in this instance I chose to roll up the legs of the trousers and wear some super smart Burgundy Tassel Loafers, a bit of a steal at £18!

Now all that’s left to do is add a buttonhole, rather than putting mine in the usual buttonhole position, I opted to pop mine in my breast pocket, it’s a great way of replacing a pocket square and adds a cool dynamic to the look.

It’s the perfect look for a nice chilled wedding, the look is adaptable to help you stay comfy in warmer climates but is also crazy affordable, helping you offset the cost of your plane ticket!