Steal His Style: Oliver Cheshire (USA)

The life of an international male model must be pretty hectic to say the least - add in a pop-star girlfriend and you’ve got yourself a paparazzi storm. Looking good is up high on Oliver Cheshire’s agenda as he fails to step out looking anything less than stylish. I have compiled a few items that will help you steal his style - just without the male model’s paycheque! 

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Someone's Getting Shirty

I am BACK with my second blog post of the day...I know right - someone check my pulse! We're carrying on with the eBay collections blog segment and we've done the shoes and trousers so it's time to dress your torso...noone likes a chilly torso. 

You know the drill by now, click on the image below to head to my eBay Collections - I've been building these collections to give you the very best outfits that are great for different occasions, work, college, parties and more, even better is that they are budget outfits, you're getting amazing quality garments but a lot cheaper than you can get them on the highstreet, this is all thanks to the eBay Fashion Gallery, a section of eBay inhabited by some of the country's best fashion brands including boohoo Menswear, Blue Inc, Schuh and more. As always you can check back on the previous collections and bundle together the items you love most.
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