A Travellers Guide to Airbnb

I’ve just got back from a long weekend in Venice using Airbnb and I will be heading to some other locations this year using it too, I thought I’d share some pros and cons of using the site to help you with planning your next trip

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Beautiful Balearics

Second blog of the week…that’s some pretty bloody good going in my books! It’s Thursday and I’m wishing I was abroad enjoying some more sun right now…so I am throwing it back to a couple of months back when I was living it up on the stunning isle of Menorca! I wanted to make full use of my snazzy new look blog with the edge to edge images and brighter, bigger pictures so I thought I’d share a little picture diary of some of the places I visited and a couple of recommendations of what to do if you find yourself on this beautiful balearic island!

Things to do...

  • Visit the Cap D’Artrux lighthouse for the most amazing sunset on the island
  • Take a chartered yacht around the secluded virgin beaches such as Cala Macarelleta
  • Take a trip in to Cuitadella, the historic city has stunning winding backstreets!
  • Visit Fornells, it has a pretty harbour and some stunning little restaurants overlooking the water!
  • Take a trip to the beach, I would recommend Arenal de Castell, it’s a big sandy beach and doesn't get too busy

There's so much to see and do in Menorca, you just need to fully immerse yourself in what the island has to offer!


Picture this, 24 hours in one of Europe’s most exciting cities, epic activities, epic accommodation and one epic device to finish it off. Here’s how I spent 24 epic (and rather tiring) hours in London with HP and their super portable HP Pavilion x2 laptop. 

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The Big City

London is definitely a city that never sleeps, made even more lively by the fact I come from a place where there’s probably more tractors than people. I packed up my belongings on Thursday (like literally all of them because I overpack like you wouldn't believe) hopped on my favourite rail provider (I’m talking ‘bout you Virgin Trains East Coast…picture of on-board cake below) and headed to the big city….alone, are there rules against me being allowed out alone? Probably, but I did it anyway 😏

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London Fundom

This weekend I headed to London….and so it seems, half of the USA did, too. I was meant to have a cool PR meeting to do with this very website however it sadly got cancelled, don't you worry when a boy from The Shire is in the city, he knows how to have a good time. This blog post is sort of just a general chat, how I got around, where I stayed and what I recommend you go and have a look at if you’re in the city any time soon! FYI I am writing this on the train, let’s excuse any spelling error or nonsensical chatter…just for today!

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