I became an influencer…

…it certainly seems easy, there are hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions of social media accounts claiming to be influencers, their high following and masses of likes makes them an attractive advertising platform but with so much fraud going undetected on Instagram...

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The Fragrance Edit

Every guy wants to smell nice…and every girl wants a guy to smell nice. There are about a million and one different fragrances out there and it can be totally mind-blowing if you’re just getting into the cologne business for the first time...

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Guest: Beard Styles for Gentlemen

We’re in a world where your style and fashion choices get noticed on nearly a daily basis. Depending on your social activity, work schedule, and just how often you go outside, it has become a normal part of our day to day. You can’t tell me you’ve never noticed anything about someone’s choice in fashion. Either way we’re here to talk about bearded gentleman and some of the great styles that suit them well. These styles may not suit you specifically, but you might
find something you like. Of course a beard could just go with anything, but what about styles that really make a great beard stand out?

Beard styles for men | Sam Squire UK male fashion blogger

The Lumbersexual This niche style goes great with a beard. It’s almost required to be a lumbersexual. Typically found with plaid clothing, jeans, and sometimes straps to hold your pants up. The lumbersexual is a great look to sport time to time. Now that we’re currently in the winter months it makes it the perfect time to find you some suitable clothing and give this style a try. You may just spark a hidden flame In your “special other” that you didn’t know where there before.

Some other features to note about this style:

  • The hair is usually a mid-length to shorter cut.
  • Pairs well with lean or muscular guys.
  • Plaid is the key element of the look.
  • Ripped jeans are a plus.

The Hipster

There’s some back and forth discussion about the hipster look. Some people don’t like the look, but from what I’ve found its typically because of the way some guys try to pull it off. They tend to make it a “I’m better than you” look which often is a part of their attitude and personality. There’s a couple key features to help pull this look off. A great pair of sunglasses or even clear glasses paired with a fit button up shirt, dressy vest, khaki pants, and even a fedora if you can pull it off.

Beard styles for men | Sam Squire UK male fashion & lifestyle blogger

The look changes to keep up with latest trends. Here’s the more exact definition of hipster: “a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.” Another key aspect of being hipster is maintaining your body hair . You’ll always noticed a very clean appearance in this style. Nice sharp hair lines, beard lines, and if shirtless a great manscaped appearance.

It’s All Business
As we see beards become more mainstream you’ll see them more frequently in the work place. Finally, businesses are starting to loosen up a little with requiring men to shave their facial hair. With this moving trend, we’re going to see a lot more business fashion with bearded gentleman. One of my favorite looks is a well-fitting dark suit, only a watch accessory, and a beard that’s ponytailed down. This does require a longer beard, but it’s one of my most favorite bearded styles.

What’s Your Favorite?
There’s of course many more styles out there to choose from. Which ones are your favorite to see guys with beards wearing? I hope you enjoyed this article and please share you thoughts with a comment below. I’d love to see what some of you think and your own personal favorite styles.

This article was written by contributor Wesley who is the owner of iManscape, a website about men, beards, and manscaping.check out his website or Facebook here

5 manly advent calendars

Now, we all know the second best thing about Christmas other than presents is an advent calendar. I don’t know about you but when I was a kid I’d leave it too late and end up with the cheapo ones that you could never tell if you were eating chocolate or cardboard.

But now I am a proper grown up (I’ve like bought a bed before and everything…#adulting) I still want and need an advent calendar, I simply can’t find my way through December without one. Over the past few years, adult advent calendars have started to really become a thing, the main problem is that unless you want makeup and brushes…they mostly don't suit guys. December is hurtling towards us, so I’ve put together my 5 favourite manly advent calendars to get yourself (or your man, ladies!) and get right into the festive spirit. Fra la bloody la la la la laaaa.


Mens advent calendars | Sam Squire UK Male fashion and lifestyle blogger

What’s better than chocolate in an advent calendar I hear you cry…booze, mate, booze. Master of Malt have a HUGE selection of boozy advent calendars from whiskey to gin and not to mention their tequila calendars (Arriba!) - there’s definitely something for every kind of guy, they start at £99.95 so they aren't cheap but hey, you’ll have the very best (alco)holidays every with their cool selection of calendars. As a vodka connoisseur I would personally go for their vodka calendar, it has a huge selection of vodka’s from Cîroc to Crystal Head so you’re getting some really decent brand which totally warrants the price tag of £99.95 on this one. Check out their boozy selection here.

Well groomed…

Advent calendars for men | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion blogger

If you’re a bearded bloke, beard oils are probably a daily necessity to keep your facial foliage in check! The Bearded Man Co have produced exactly the advent calendar for you, featuring 24 different scents to see you through to the big day including three special new fragrances, all in 2ml bottles. You’ll be smelling good and looking good, plus at just £29.99 you’ll still have some pennies spare to buy presents! Check out the calendar here.

Squeaky clean!

Advent Calendars for men | Sam Squire UK Mens fashion and lifestyle blogger

Most modern men are into looking after themselves, especially when it comes to skincare. Clarins have launched their awesome 12 days of Christmas box. Including some of their top rated products including face wash and serums to ensure your skin isn't battered by the winter weather. It even includes some full-sized products, making the £65 price tag well worth the buy! Check it out at Selfridges here.


Flat white

Advent calendars for men | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

I’m not a coffee drinker myself, in fact, I can't stand the taste. But I know a low of grown up people love coffee and love to try new blends. The Pact coffee advent calendar is perfect if you want to try a different coffee, they’ve chuck in 25 different blends that are all perfect for waking you up in the morning. At £39 it makes for a perfect way to work your way through December, one cafetiere at a time! Wake up and smell the coffee…check out the coffee calendar here.


advent calendars for men | Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

Back to booze again now, this time it’s craft beer. the Craft Beer Advent Calendar offers you 24 full-sized bottles of craft ale that have been brewed by some of the best craft breweries in the world. It’s £74.99 and is the perfect calendar for craft-ale enthusiasts, plus…by the 24th you’ll have probably lost complete track of the date! Get the bottle opener and check out the craft beer calendar here.



I hope that helped, which calendar will you be picking up this holiday season? Let me know in the comments, also drop a comment with any other suggestions you have.

#ExpressYourself with Vision Express!

I was super excited to be asked to partner with my old friends Vision Express on the launch of the new Exclusive Brands collections. The other week I headed down to their flagship Oxford Street store in London for the very exciting launch of the collection.

The collection launch was attended by loads of bloggers, models and fashion journos - the event on a whole was hosted by X Factor and celebrity stylist Gemma Sheppard. Exclusive Brands are all about making a statement, the collections are for people who don't just want a pair of glasses, they want a piece of style.

The best part about these designer-quality specs is the price, I personally wear the In Style collection on a daily basis and would compare the quality to the likes of Ray Ban and Ted Baker…not bad for just a fraction of the price!

My sister, Katie from www.thestylinguist.com and I attended the event together and got the chance to sit down and do a bit of filming with Gemma Sheppard, who like the styling-queen she is, managed to guide us around the store and help us pick the best styles for our faces…check out the video below, and don’t forget to sub me on YouTube! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the blog, I get to pick up my new specs in a couple of weeks, and will be sharing my thoughts right here…exciting!!

You can check out all the information you could possibly need about the fantastic Exclusive Brands by clicking here. Don’t forget you can also join the chat on social media using #ExpressYourself.

I've Been Framed

I have to wear glasses all day every day, when I was younger it used to wear pretty thin, I couldn't wear the sunglasses everyone else had and quite frankly, a looked like a rip-off Harry Potter…those round wire glasses were the story of my childhood, I got my first pair aged four…I was literally walking in to things before, my parents didn't know if I was blind or just plain thick…no need to comment on that one.

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