I became an influencer…

…it certainly seems easy, there are hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions of social media accounts claiming to be influencers, their high following and masses of likes makes them an attractive advertising platform but with so much fraud going undetected on Instagram...

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The Fragrance Edit

Every guy wants to smell nice…and every girl wants a guy to smell nice. There are about a million and one different fragrances out there and it can be totally mind-blowing if you’re just getting into the cologne business for the first time...

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Guest: Styling Tips For Men

Have you noticed that whenever you look in the mirror you always fixate on the bits you don’t like?

That’s only natural, but when it comes to deciding what clothes to wear you gotta get out of that habit and take a different approach to how you see your body. Use your wardrobe to flaunt what you’ve got, rather than hiding what you don’t. You’ll look and feel your best when you wear stylish clothes that are comfortable and flattering, and we’re gonna tell you how.

Lowes menswear | Sam Squire | UK Australia male fashion & lifestyle blogger

Get the perfect fit
Wearing clothes that fit perfectly is the easiest way to improve your look and help you feel confident in your body. However, let’s face it, most of our bodies are different and not many people can afford to have custom-made shirts and suits. Our best tip for getting the tailored look without the hefty price tag is to buy items that fit the largest part of your body and then get your local alterations specialist to make some simple and cheap adjustments. For as little as £20 you can make a £30 shirt look like a £200 shirt.

Try stylish shorts
Dress for warmer days with a pair of shorts in a flattering classic cut. If you’ve hit the shops lately, you’ll know that men’s shorts come in all sorts of colours, patterns and fabrics now, so you’re bound to find something that you like. The best shorts for guys are ones that rest just above the knee, cos they’re freeing enough to let you move around, but aren’t so short that they’ll cause a scandal. P.S. I know baggy running shorts are super comfy, but do yourself a favour and leave them at the gym, they look sloppy anywhere else.

Proportion with pants
If you’ve seen those guys walking around with their pants practically down around their ankles, you’ll know that the rise of your pants is important. By defining your waistline, the rise of your pants proportions the two halves of your body. While low-rise pants can be pulled off if you’re wearing casual jeans, don’t confuse these with short-rise pants which are great for shorter guys as they fall at the natural waist and flatter shorter legs. On the other hand, mid- and high-rise pants are perfect for all the tall guys out there cos they create the best proportions between your legs and torso. For a more detailed guide on how certain styles of pants should fit, check this out.

Frame your body
If there’s only one thing you’re gonna take away from these tips, let it be this – get a structured jacket. A blazer, suit or sports jacket is a wardrobe staple. These trusty jackets can easily take you from a day out with friends to a dinner party at night. When picking the right jacket for you, keep in mind that single-breasted ones are slimming, while double-breasted jackets give your torso more bulk. Taller guys should opt for three-button suits while smaller men look great in a classic two-button. Finally, customise your jacket with some badass shoulder pads to give your body more definition, and to class it up for formal situations.

Wear suitable fabrics
You know how your mum’s always nagging you to bring a jacket so you don’t catch a cold? She’s right, mate. Dressing for the weather is always a smart move, and it’s best to do this with seasonal fabrics. Lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen are great for keeping you cool on warmer days. As natural fibres, clothes made from these materials let your skin breathe and give you a classic look. During winter, stand out from the crowd by experimenting with different heavy fabrics for example with a leather, corduroy or even velvet jacket. Chuck these over a wool sweater for a stylish outfit that’s also practical enough to make your mum proud.

Utilising patterns
Want a quick and easy way to add some excitement to your outfit? Pick clothes with interesting patterns! Patterns have different associations which you can use to your advantage (or peril). If you’re lucky enough to be on a tropical holiday you might just be able to pull off a loud Hawaiian shirt, but for an everyday outfit, you’re much better off going with casual plaid or whimsical polka dot elements. You can also use patterns to bring out the best in your body type. Big and tall guys look great in smaller, understated patterns like paisley and light checks, while men on the smaller side should definitely try out vertical pinstripes or patterns with larger elements for a bolder look.

Combine colours
Like patterns, colours have varying meanings so mixing and matching the right items in your wardrobe can drastically improve your look. Remember that the more colourful and bright your outfit, the more casual it’ll seem. So if you’ve been dying to make a fashion statement at work but you’ve got to stick to the dress code, try subtle pops of colour. Create an eye-catching outfit by sprucing up one of your plain suits with accessories in different shades of the same bright colour – for example, a grey suit with a coral shirt and orange tie.

Go dressier
When in doubt, always choose something dressier over a more casual get-up. For minimal effort but maximum results, fill your wardrobe with clothes that have interesting cuts over more plain items – for example, skip a common t-shirt and go for a polo shirt. Also, layers always make it look like you’ve put some effort into your outfit and the easiest thing to layer with is a black v-neck because black goes with pretty much everything (nice!). Finally, for the icing on the top, throw on some accessories. As a reward for sticking it out to the end, here’s my number one tip: a good hat will elevate nearly anything you wear from an outfit to a ‘look’.


Top Track: Leah McFall

This week’s Top Track comes from The Voice UK alumni and Will.i.am’s protege, Leah McFall. The indie artist released her debut ‘Wolf Den’ across the internet and really shows off the stylish 27-year old’s insane set of lungs and quirky style in the song and the accompanying video.

Give it a listen in the Apple Music play box below…it certainly deserves some good radio airtime!

I’d recommend giving it a go, Leah's got a really unique style, and Wolf Den definitely sounds like the sort of music that goes along with a film, definitely got a great sound to it! You can also check out the video, here!

New Kicks

I don’t know about you guys, but I am all about this weather today…the sun is out, the shorts are on and I am loving life! Cast your minds back to a few weeks ago, you might remember if you follow me on social media that I took a weekend trip to Center Parcs…that place is damn magic, love it! Whilst I was there I took the opportunity to show off my latest sneaks!

I love the khaki look right now, it’s super cool and just totally what I have been rocking lately - so much so that if I wanted to, I could probably wear khaki head-to-toe…but don’t fear, I won’t!

Nike Stefan Janoski | Sam Squire UK male fashion blogger

I recently treated myself to some new kicks - this time they are from the Nike SB range. Clearly, a skateboarder I am not, however I saw these Khaki Stefan Janoski Max sneaks and had to have them..of course, because they’re khaki!

I picked these up for retail (£90) from Schuh - they are my current favourites from my shoe closet, so much so that I might just have to go and get myself some of the other colour ways that are in the collection!

If you wan’t to see more shoes I am loving right now…check out this video!

AAA: Harvey Nichols Menswear!

Harvey Nichols Menswear | Sam Squire UK male fashion & lifestyle blogger

Last week the very cool and extremely stylish bunch from Harvey Nichols got in touch and asked if they could show me around their newly refurbished and relaunched mens department, definitely not one to turn down!

I headed over to the Knightsbridge store, and down into the depths of man-styling…which was actually super easy to find, just head to the nearest stairs and then down to basement level - I’ve been told, and this is a little exclusive from me to you…the menswear department is getting its own street-level entrance, so you don't have to weave through the makeup counters to get downstairs, pretty cool if you ask me!

Harvey Nichols menswear | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger
Harvey Nichols Menswear | Sam Squiew UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

My Access All Areas tour let me snoop around the two-floor menswear department, and I’ve got to say…I am pretty blown away! Not only is the design something of a work of art, but it feels well thought out too, rather than just an addition to the corner of the women’s department. It truly is separated from the rest of the store, so it makes it feel like a cool man cave down the bottom of it all!

Talking of man caves, the style concierge area is insane, with large changing rooms and the perfect lighting, your pro-stylist will help you to find everything you need. There’s no minimum spend and there’s plenty of space for your mates to kick their feet up, have a drink from the private bar and watch some sports or play on the consoles attached to the sleek wall-mounted televisions! They really are super cool, and I am loving the houndstooth couches!

Harvey Nichols Menswear | Tailoring | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

The contemporary styling is carried right across the two-floor department, with different theming in the different sections. The tailoring is all in one place, with suggested shirting, shoes and accessories, great for the busy man who just wants to be able to visualise an outfit in one space, rather than having to trail around the store looking for a pair of shoes. The denim room has a really cool feature, it’s sort of an ‘everyday essentials’ section, with various jeans, white tees, leather jackets and jumpers, you can simply walk around the section, completing your look at ease!

Harvey Nichols Menswear | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

I’ve got another little exclusive for you right here, opening in May is something called Project 109. This innovative new space will house the very latest in gifts, technology, sunglasses, fragrance and grooming, plus an installation area, which will showcase a series of pop-ups and immersive experiences offering customers inspiration at every turn - as well as this, there will also be a barbers and a cafe that’ll turn into a classy bar for the evening…this new department is more than just about style, it’s about the whole men’s lifestyle experience, ensuring you’re catered for in every way!

Harvey Nichols Menswear | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

The whole department has a gallery-esque feel to it, you can see how much effort and thought has gone into the vast 28,000 square foot store, to ensure it’s working effectively for the modern man. You’ll be blown away by the collection of brands available, I certainly was! From Corneliani and Oscar Jacobson in tailoring and exclusive collections from Blood Brother and Pier Wu, there’s actually something for every type of guy in the new Harvey Nichols menswear department at their flagship on Knightsbridge. It’s well worth a visit, even just to check out the fantastic array of brands on offer!

Suit your Size

I’m going to guess you didn't know that in a recent Jacamo survey, 40% of British lads suffer from ‘manxiety’ due to their friends teasing them about their body image and a further 34% of men say that this is added to by not being able to find decent fitting clothes.

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Let’s Talk About Kecks

Today we’re going to chat about kecks, undercrackers, pants, boxers heck whatever you want to call them! It’s almost the weekend and lets face it guys, some of you probably plan on spending your weekend on the sofa in your boxers…we’ve all been there, bro! 

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