Well it’s finally here, the new site! I hope you love it, personally I think it looks great and I am super happy with it, the fading header image is everything I need in life!

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Shameless Begging!

Today I am here to beg for your money. No, literally I am. For a little while now I have been working on developing a website for men full of my favourite fashion and small independent designer brands including clothing, shoes, accessories, skincare and more. However this whole blogging malarky doesn't pay too well, does it? So, I have set up a page about it on Crowdfunding website Indiegogo. 

Route 56 is the name of the brand and it'll be a website full of the great brands that I love, the online shop will mean that I'm bringing all these brands together under one 'roof' and making them accessible in one place. It's something I have wanted to do for a while now but the funding barrier has been holding me back. As mentioned on the campaign (Click Here for the link) I have a big plan for Route 56 including moving it into a men's highstreet boutique shop. So in funding the current project and getting it off the ground, you will be funding for the future. 

I know there will be many a person out there that will criticize the fact that I am so shamelessly asking for investment but I'm not really that bothered about that. I live by the whole 'If you don's ask, you don't get' saying and I'd love to one day be able to employ people to work for Route 56 and help me to achieve the dream that I have had.  There is the flip side though, without sufficient funding I will not be able to launch Route 56 and it'll simply be an idea that I will have to forget about. Believe me, if I could fund this whole thing myself I would!

If you want to help me to achieve this, please Click Here to be taken to the Indiegogo page, I have no set pledge limits, you can give whatever you want because every small or large donation will help me immensely to get this off the ground. I have a million ways to thank you all for helping me with the project. Here's the first: Thank you.