The Watch

You hear that? That is indeed ‘da sound of da police’ - I’ve teamed up again with lifestyle brand Police for another blog post - if you remember back in the summer we worked on some cool sunglasses photoshoots, well it’s winter and whilst sunnies are still very much okay to wear…you might want to focus more around the wrist, I’m talking watches.

Police London Watch | Mens Watches | Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

This right here is the London watch from Police’s latest collection. It’s a really nice quality watch, it’s got a bit of weight to it so it doesn’t feel like you’re going to lose it in the first high wind. It feels really comfortable to wear and doesn't feel too big on your wrist, some watches are just a bit ridiculous and it feels like you’re wearing a goddamn grandfather clock on your wrist.

It’s a great watch to add to your collection, especially if like me, you’re currently following the camel coat trend as the London looks pretty dapper with a suit and a camel long coat.

Police London Watch | Mens watches | Sam Squire uk male fashion blogger

You’ll never forget what day it is, it’s got a handy little date window so you can easily plan your next night on the town. It’s just a really cool watch, it’s got nothing crazy and special about it and that’s what makes it really awesome…it’s simple and sometimes that’s the suavest way to be!

If you want to buy this watch you can, I’ve seen it on a few different websites, H Samuels being one - I picked them because I know how reliable they are especially for altering and link removal. You can click here to check it out on their website. Or, if you’re just browsing you can click here to head to the official Police webpage.