TIDAL: Making Waves?

When Jay-Z announced at his star studded event that he was to bring a new music streaming service to the market, there was definitely mixed opinions. Some people couldn't be more excited to surf the TIDAL wave…others however we’re likening it to a day out on a rather flat boating lake. 

So, now it’s launched, whats it like? Well I tried it out so I could give you my thoughts! You’ll have seen over the past few days, the app has dropped out of the chart and quite frankly no one really cares about its existence, that’s because of a few of problem areas I picked up on.

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  1. It’s bland - it’s a really crappy app, seriously, along with blurred album artwork (which they promised against) and a muddled layout, it just isn't user friendly at all. I personally spent ages looking for a music chart, unfortunately it doesn't exist and you simply have to tap, scroll and flick your way around the app like a digital maze.
  2. It isn't unique. Ever heard of Spotify? Yeah, we all have, right! TIDAL was launched to rival Spotify and give the artist more dollar in their pocket. Spotify not only have a fantastic user interface but the overall concept has always been industry leading. TIDAL has taken everything that Spotify has and put it in a different app, come on - be unique!
  3. We aren’t all made of money! Whilst it comes with a free 30 day trial (which 3 days in I am set to cancel!) there's two options for plans, the cheapest being £9.99 and the more expensive set at £19.99 - this is, of course unless you do it on an iPhone, in which case they add on a cheeky extra fee. Clever. 

I think overall it is going nowhere, you’ll have seen this in the media storm going on right now, the app is dying before it’s even gotten off the ground, it’s sluggish, the Premium package offers lower quality playback than you’d get from other suppliers and the laggy design makes for a really infuriating use. 


They boast an extensive library of music, which is all well and good, but there are issues. When searching for Ed Sheeran, his album X appears, fantastic…nope, you can’t play his album because his record label have not permitted the streaming of it - so why is it on there? It seems these schoolboy errors, glitches and lags are all going towards letting it down, especially when Ed Sheeran is readily available on Spotify, having already netted a whopping 2 billion plays on the service.

I think it’s safe to say TIDAL had every opportunity to impress but for me, they are lacking big time. They need to do something quick before the tide goes out!