Top 6 Male Bloggers

I am asked a lot about my favourite male bloggers, who I read and who i’d recommend, it’s a tricky one really because there is so many great male bloggers - when I started blogging there wasn't a whole tonne of dudes doing this blogging malarky, however it’s grown and grown and we’ve got a really great community of male bloggers that I think are supportive of each other and each bring something different to the table. Here’s 6 male bloggers that I think are worth a read for their diverse and awesome content. These aren't in any particular order, just so no one gets offended! I’ll be publishing more soon so keep an eye out for the rest of the list of fantastic guys that blog!

Overdressed & Underprepared is a really great blog by Robert, his photography is freaking insane - give him a read for all sorts of different content, style, lifestyle, grooming - he does a bit of everything and I think that keeps his site fresh for sure. Navigating around the site is also really straightforward, that might sound like a silly thing to say, but having a tricky to navigate site is quite frankly, bloody annoying! 

So basically, The Gentleman Blogger (also known by his people name Matthew) has the nicest website ever. His imagery is absolutely second-to-none and his style? Ridiculously dapper. I genuinely recommend checking him out for all the smart style inspiration you may need!

Yes, The British Gent may be a relatively new blogger but that doesn't mean he isn't worthy of appearing on the list. His mix of reviews and travel inspired posts makes for a really great collection of different posts - after all, no one wants to read the same thing over and over!

Tom Gudgeon’s site is super quirky, I love the sort of ‘DIY’ feel that it holds, it’s certainly got a look of its own and you’ve got to like that for sure! Tom blogs mens fashion, lifestyle and more - it’s a really cool site for just flitting around and having a read, the posts aren't too long either which is perfect for filling time!

Ape to Gentleman has possible THE best name and logo of the dude blogger community. I mean, come on - we’re all a bit ape, right? Featuring grooming, fashion, lifestyle and manly chat - it’s an all rounder thats definitely worth checking out! 

Rogues & Brogues was one of the first male blogs I came across, since then myself and Ian have worked together having had him write a really awesome guest post here on my site. He blogs style, grooming and lifestyle - will always remain one of the top blogs that I check out!

What do you think? Was your fave guy blogger listed? Drop me a comment below, don't forget to get all social with me on Twitter and Instagram!