Top Male Bloggers: Part 2

I think it’s really good now and again to applaud your fellow bloggers, both new and established - it’s important to appreciate other people in the community because heck, we aren't a huge group!

If you didn't see, there was a Part 1 to this blog post in which I gave you 6 fantastic male bloggers that are either up and coming in the blogging community or are highly established. I promised a Part 2 and here it is - 3 more fantastic male bloggers that I would say are most definitely worth having a look at! Don’t miss the next instalment full of even more brilliant boy bloggers, yes…there’s even more!!

Being suited and booted is definitely a never ending style. Ben, known otherwise as The Gentleman created his blog ‘Twenty First Century Gent’ and covers loads of different areas. His seriously on point style tends to be on the smarter, more dapper end of the style spectrum and is reflected in the overall design and photography - a really great blogger, definitely worth checking out! 

The overall look of He Spoke Style is just crazy dapper. Brian Sacawa and Rob McIver work together on this awesome blog - the imagery is absolutely fantastic, the style? Insanely on trend. The shooting locations for the style posts are really great, they go so well with the overall blog style. If you haven’t already, check this blog out!

Beards. Food. Do I need to say any more to get you on board? Michael Hawkes created the Bearded Bakery, a blog all about food - I mean does it really get any better than that? I think not! You can even narrow down the tasty treat type, from cakes, to bread and don’t even mention the cookies. For everything foodie related, check out Mike’s blog! 

You don’t want to miss part three, there’s even more great male bloggers to be added to the list! Do you have any you’d recommend? Drop a comment below OR you can let me know on Twitter!