Topman Style Post

Autumn is well and truly here and I am well and truly getting into the Christmas spirit. How exciting! I had my first play of the good old Christmas CD we have today and was gleeful like a kid on, well, Christmas…

My Autumn wardrobe game has actually been pretty weak so far this year so I decided to do something about it - I popped into my local Topman in Lincoln to pick up some new stuff, actually I was only planning on getting a bracelet but, you know…when in Rome…

My jumper cost £38.00 - it’s super thick (like my good self) and really warm it’s actually a really chunky knit and bearing in mind that I paid £90 for a really thin jumper from Jack Wills, you’re for sure getting your moneys worth with this Topman one. Usually I am a medium but I think this jumper is meant to be a little oversized, I went for an XS in it simply because I wanted it to fit correctly rather than fit oversized.

Next up is the bling bliiiiiing - with my lovely Rose Gold Michael Kors watch I teamed a couple of Topman bracelets, the silver one with the little cross on it cost £6.50 and is a really nice quality metal bracelet with engraved detailing. The gold bracelet is plastic  and was £3.00 - these are really cheap little bits to buy but they are really great for finishing off an outfit OR they would make the perfect stocking filler, thinking ahead people! 

My collar tips are also Topman…do you see the pattern here?! These were £3.00 which personally I think is super impressive, only a few months back I got some Topman collar tips and paid about £6.50, which is still cheap but I love a good bargain! The collar tips have a flat connecting chain and studded diamond-esque finish to each tip.

Finally I am wearing an old pair of Topman jeans, these are the black Spray On Skinny jeans, because I simply wear nothing other than Topman’s spray ons, to me they are just super comfy and the style that I go for really. Finish this Autumnal look with a winter Parka jacket and sneakers or brogues (depending on the occasion!) along with a denim/oxford shirt et voila, you’re ready for winter!