How To Train Like a Model

Okay, be honest…who promised themselves they’d get fit this year but are yet to even get a gym membership? It happens, every year guys make resolutions to start training, get fitter and get that body positivity going…life happens, plans fall by the wayside and let's face it, January isn’t the most motivating month. 

Model and Influencer Weston Boucher | Men's Fitness Blog | Fitness Plans

I’ve teamed up with San Diego-based fitness influencer and published model Weston Boucher to bring you a bit of inspiration to get your motivation levels back up again. Weston has a tonne of knowledge and has had a keen interest in fitness since he was a teenager, now 39, he’s out to defy age and hit his peak physical fitness levels.

Getting fitter and healthier really shouldn’t be seen as a huge deal, but for so many it’s this big daunting challenge. 

5 things that are keeping you from being in elite physical shape.

Weston has broken your new routine down into 5 bite-sized and easily maintainable chunks, taking his advice will help you to achieve better results and achieve your fitness goals in 2019. 


One of the most important but often neglected habits you can adopt for your health is drinking at least a gallon (4.5 litres) of water per day. Beyond the plethora of internal health benefits, this will aid tremendously in your appearance over time by way of keeping your system constantly purging toxins and ridding the body of so much of the bloat that the average person mistakes for body fat. You'll see a huge difference in your skin, your body and even your facial features will become more defined and youthful looking. Additionally, your body will be properly hydrated for training each week. Water is life. It is, after all, up to 60% of what we are made to neglect hydration is to expect your car to run efficiently with very little motor oil or gas in the tank.


Your body is an incredibly efficient and intelligent organic engine, so start to think of how foods can compliment and support how it runs each day based on where it's going and what it's doing in a given day or week. For example, if I am going to have a meal prior to a workout or sport, I'm going to incorporate a good portion of healthy carbs such as steel cut oats and a banana or steamed rice. Think of carbs as muscle energy, think of protein as a muscle repairer, sustainer and builder and fats as an additional energy source for cognitive brain function and hormone support. All are essential, so don't completely neglect any of them, but adjust your balance of them throughout the day based on your lifestyle and level of physical exertion each day. If you workout 5 days a week for example, you'll put more emphasis on carbs and proteins, while slightly less on fats. If you have a more sedentary lifestyle, you'll have more emphasis on fats and proteins, while pulling back on carbs to some degree. Check out my What I Eat In a Day video for more inspiration.


Despite the saying, it's amazing how stubborn most people are about actually taking it seriously. It couldn't be more true, as you can't out-train a bad diet. I'll see so many people exhaust themselves and dedicate so much time into their workouts but never really change much aesthetically. The problem is that they never reveal all of the hard work and muscle they've been working on because there's a layer of bloat and stubborn fat on top of it. If your macro nutrients (CARBS/FATS/PROTEINS) and calories are just a guessing game each day, you'll never get the high definition look that comes from discipline in the kitchen.

I highly recommend tracking your calories and macros for just one average day of eating in the free app MyFitnessPal to at least see where you're at. As you just may be at a caloric surplus or deficit without even realising it, and a slight adjustment in your diet + or - "x" amount or so of calories may turn things around for you. In addition, switch to a whole food diet and watch how much better your body responds to utilising natural fuel over the processed stuff.

Get MyFitnessPal:


Model and Influencer Weston Boucher | Men's Fitness Blog | Gym Plans

The #1 thing I notice in people's diets who ask for advice when they're struggling to make progress is the lack of protein. It's NOT a bodybuilder thing, it's science– and it applies to everyone IF they want a certain aesthetic. For example, I eat at least 1g of protein per 1lb/0.45kg of my body weight each day. So roughly 195g of protein. I'm 6' 1", 39 years old. With protein being at the forefront, you are more satiated and fuller for longer. Protein will make the appearance of your muscles tighter, denser and support sustaining, growing and recovering after workouts. Most people are eating way too many carbs and fats each day, while neglecting protein significantly. Of course it's not easy to eat this much protein initially, but your body will acclimatise and a protein shake here and there will help you hit those numbers in the early stages of this new habit.


I used to solely focus on weight training and think that cardio was just for runner type dudes and girls. I couldn't have been more wrong. But you have to compliment your weight training with the right pairing of cardio; which would be fat burn or HIIT cardio. High Intensity Interval Training or Steady State Cardio will specifically target fat loss because it either makes your heart rate fluctuate strategically or keeps your heart rate in a zone that doesn't go into a full cardiovascular state. I recommend doing cardio before or after every weight lifting session– as it will significantly assist in fat burn and purge bloat from all of the sweating that comes with it.

In the gym

Everyone’s a gym newbie at some point, don’t let that get to your head. Check out Weston’s video below, it covers everything you need to get started at the gym, from how to choose a gym to setting your goals, it’s the perfect quick guide to starting your road to fitness.

Once you’re feeling comfortable in the gym and you’re ready to give some workouts a try, give Weston’s speedy 20 minute HIIT cardio workout a go, it’s the perfect way to start a day, get the blood pumping and burn that belly, as he said in his 5 tips, cardio isn’t a myth and workouts like these are perfect for hitting your body goals. 

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What next? 

Weston is always around to help inspire you to hit your goals. Give his Instagram accounts a follow @westonboucherfit and @westonboucher…I guarantee you’ll be like me and want to sprint to the first gym you can find. Click here to subscribe to Weston on YouTube, visit his official website here, and finally check out some of his awesome resources and ebooks here, perfect if you’re looking for a plan to suit you.