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How to Travel the UK on the Cheap

I love to travel around the UK, especially Edinburgh and London, although planning and booking a trip several times per year can work out to be an expensive affair. Before starting The British Gent, I've experiences various modes of travel; coaches, trains and planes. Of course, at first glance, you may consider that coaches are the cheapest way of getting from point A to B even though it may not be the quickest.

There are a few different places I check before planning a trip and I thought I would put this article together to show you how you could be travelling around the UK on the cheap.

Travelling by Coach

If you happen to be travelling by coach, my best advice is to find out which coach companies depart from where you're located and travel to your specified destination. Sounds common sense but not all companies do and some of the national names - Megabus and National Express - can charge for the premium. Try local coach companies or perhaps your local travel agent.

Travelling by Train

When I travel by train, I always book with Virgin Trains East Coast. They've not paid me to say that but the reason I book with them when I travel by train, whether it be London, Yorkshire, North East England, Scotland or any destination in between, is because they offer a 10% discount on their services when booking direct. This discount is exclusive to Virgin Trains East Coast and lost when you book with another provider, like the Trainline.

They throw in some nice additional extras, such as Nectar Points, free seat reservations and no booking or credit card fees. Best of all if Virgin doesn't travel to where you're heading, for instance Leeds to Birmingham, you can book with other train companies on their website too whilst picking up Nectar points!

However, if you book with another provider, always try to book as far as advance as you can. Train companies release tickets for their services 12 weeks in advance and usually offer the best price for them. However, if you travel between Scotland or the North East of England to London, Virgin Trains East Coast open ticket sales 24 weeks in advance for super low fares.

Travelling by Plane

Its been some time since I travelled by plane - actually as I’m particularly scared of flying. Heights I’m good with since I’ve been on the London Eye and have visited the Shard, but I think its the general feeling of being 37,000 feet in the air, some times with turbulence, and my mix of anxiety and claustrophobia. When I do fly, whether it be short or long haul, I trust Skyscanner to find me flights. Otherwise, I trust the travel agent when booking a package holiday.

How do you travel around your home country?

The UK is a relatively small country - or even island when comparing us to the United States. I’d love to find out how you get around your home country. Do you opt for boats and ferries as opposed to road transportation. One city I’d love to visit is Venice in Italy where the only way to get around is by gondola.

Please note - this post was not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned.