The Ultimate Backpack?

When I go away, I like to be able to chuck all of my blogging essentials in a backpack, meaning wherever I am, I can whip out my camera and get some cool pics…there’s nothing worse than wishing you had your camera on you to capture an amazing place.

Now, if you’re into your cameras, I presume you feel my pain that backpacks are never practical or secure for keeping your camera kit in, and camera bags are the ugliest thing in the world. So, I was absolutely delighted to find the Burton Snowboards Snake Mountain Backpack, which combines both of these plus a little bit more to make possibly the most ultimate backpack.

Burton Snake Mountain Backpack | Sam Squire uK Mens fashion & lifestyle blogger

I picked it up in black as it’s a colour that tends to go well with most things I wear. The bag is pretty clever as it is split up into different compartments for you to store everything you need. You have the general compartment, you can probably fit in a bottle of water, snacks and a jumper in this area, I also managed to fit a pair of shoes in, so it’s a pretty good size!

On the back of the bag, you have a laptop sleeve, it’s well padded so you don’t feel your laptop digging into your back, and also protects your laptop really well (which is perfect for someone clumsy like me!)

Burton Snake Mountain Backpack | Sam Squire UK Mens fashion & Lifestyle blogger

The base of the bag is probably my favourite part. It’s a well-padded area with removable dividers in and it is a brilliant camera and lens storage. It was a great fit for my Olympus OMD, a couple of lenses and my GorillaPod - with room to spare! The awesomeness doesn’t stop there, folks…oh no. The base of the bag is padded with the same lining that a cool bag is, and you’ll find the dividers are also the perfect size to carry around some tinnies. Probably best not to have a camera and a cold tinny in there, but it does show the versatility of the bag!

If you’re a blogger, this bag is going to be epic for you. It is also perfect for travellers or people that just like to keep things separated in their bag to avoid things getting broken. You can pick it up from Burton here for £35.