Flying Solo on V Day

Flowers everywhere with gut-churning gooey eyes roaming the streets…it must be Valentine’s Day again. Don’t worry chaps, if you’re flying solo…I’ve got you covered - these top 5 tips will ensure you a have a pretty bloody epic day all to yourself with no disruption…Happy V Day, bro 👊🏼

1. Hit the gym

Nothing beats a good work out…Valentine’s Day can stick it because nothing can come between you and your fitness. Head down to your local gym and work out a muscle group, heck go get a nice fresh juice after because today is ruled by you.

2. Take it away

No-one wants to be sat in a restaurant of couples on a day like V-Day, that’s exactly what take out food is made for, Curry, Chinese, Thai, Pizza…you can have whichever you want, actually sod it - have them all, today is about YOU. 

3. Grab the lads

Get your best single mates over and get a few tins in, turn your living room into the ultimate lad pad with the best food, the best drinks and some wicked films - Palentine’s Day is all about spending time with your best pals after all, correcto?

4. Chill out

If you’re not fancying a busy one, treat yourself to a day away at a spa, there’s nothing more blokey than a spa, mate…nice massage, chill in the sauna! Plus you’ll feel so zen once you come out, you wont even need love. Bloody win-win right there. 

5. Netflix & Chill

Who said you can’t Netflix & Chill on your own? Grab yourself an awesome box set and veg right out - Making a Murderer is pretty big right now, the full season is 10 hours long so by the time it’s finished the lovin’ will be done for another year.

Just call me cupid.