Venice Style

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I was super lucky this year as I got to spend my 23rd Birthday in Venice, I’ll be doing a full guide on where to go and what to do when you’re in Venice (if you follow me on social media you’ll know wellies are a must…) - but for now I wanted to share a bit of outfit inspiration seeing as it has been a little while since my last!

Sam Squire UK Male Fashion Blogger | ASOS Menswear denim jacket

Venice in March is a little unpredictable, we experienced pretty much every weather type including blistering sun, torrential rain and knee-deep flooding. This does make it a bit hard to pack for, however I found layering up was the best bet, that way you’re warm when you need to be, but you can also take layers off when the sun comes out.

My staple for the whole trip was my ASOS denim borg jacket. It is pretty lightweight but the borg collar definitely offers a bit of warmth when it gets a bit chilly around your neck. ASOS have a great collection of borg collar denim jackets in pretty much every colour you could need. This Oversized Denim Jacket with Borg Collar would be a great addition to your spring wardrobe!

Biker jeans have been a pretty popular trend for the last couple of seasons, I paired my denim jacket with some dark biker jeans - these Ripped Knee Biker Jeans would go perfectly…just make sure it isn't a chilly day or you’ll end up with cold knees! I also donned my super warm Nike sweatshirt that I picked up from ASOS a couple of months back.

I went ultra-comfortable with my footwear choosing my Adidas NMDs - they’re literally like slippers! I only took a 10kg carry-on suitcase with me so it was important that the couple of pairs of shoes that I took would be comfortable when walking around the winding streets of Venice!