So this weekend I was lucky enough to go to V Fest with my sister – the huge big 2 day (and 2 location) music festival by Virgin Media. I went on Saturday to the Chelmsford site – hosted in the beautifully scenic Hylands Park. Now, we all know The Squire doesn’t do things by halves and this is most certainly no exception to the norm. I was lucky enough to get VIP tix to the event and the VIP area was absolutely beautiful, located in the gardens of Hylands House, it was such an amazing chill zone for in between acts with lots of little bars and eateries and actual hammocks which me and Kate enjoyed a bit too much!

It was an amazing day, First up we saw the really awesome Kodaline, they were literally such a good way to open the event, whilst they weren’t the first on stage, they were the first act that we saw, we also saw the fantastic Bastille and were pretty close to the front of the stage, needless to say young Daniel and the boys really impressed and the crowd went crazy for them! We also saw Ed Sheeran, a bit of Example (he was as poor as I had imagined), and a snippet of headliner Justin Timberlake who was so ridiculously polished I’ve nicknamed him Pledge (extremely poor joke) – however the highlight of the day for me was Foxes, what a voice, talent and personality! She’s awesome, we saw her Arena Stage set and she had a good old bop around the stage, she really got the crowd going, apart from the two people in front of me and Kate, who possible didn’t even blink let alone move throughout the whole performance.

Later in the day we were lucky enough to fall into an intimate Foxes acoustic gig and it was mind blowing, there was about 40 people in the #CarlingRoadies tent, she has such a powerful voice, I was literally stood in front of her so got some good pics too! Overall it was a completely amazing weekend and I hope to be back next year! This Wednesday (20th August) V Fest will be putting a limited number of tickets for 2015 on sale so don’t miss out!

My festival style – I wore my black PU Panel Tee from Topman, ASOS Back/Bum bag, Topman Orange Plaid Shirt, Black Topman Spray on Skinny Jeans, Vans and my gold Casio watch.

On a final note, I was really disappointed in the lies put accross by The Guardian, I can only assume Caroline Sullivan - who penned the article about V Fest didn't actually attend. She describes the Hylands Park site and says that the ground was littered with nitrous oxide canisters, and that 'lads' (how very modern of you Caroline) were unimpressed by Justin Timberlake. Firstly the only thing that chunched underfoot were bottles and half eaten noodles, secondly a group of 'Lads' next to me in the crowd knew every darn word to JT. Something makes me thing dear old Caroline has become too old for festivals...but then as I don't write for the Guardian, I don't make assumptions for things I have literally no clue about...