NEW THING: Apple Watch

So I often get parcels and every single parcel makes me excited, however this one literally killed me with excitement. As you’ll know if you follow me on literally any social network, yesterday a very awesome box turned up that was, indeed the Apple Watch. Now I know the camp is divided, some people love it and other people have no taste (😏) but I literally own everything Apple and my wrist was feeling left out. 

So whilst I haven't been in possession of it all that long, I thought I would share with you the top 3 things I have noticed about it that I think are pretty freaking awesome…keeping it to three is hard because overall it is literally the best thing ever. 

It’s all at your fingertips…

Everything you ever need is right there at a glance on your wrist, from the time to your heart rate plus all the apps you’ll ever need (I'm talking to you, Twitter and Instagram) you can literally do everything. Now don't get me wrong, this definitely doesn't make your phone redundant, the watch sort of offers a glimpse and whilst you get a surprising amount of detail in images, to really look in depth you want to get it up on your phone. It’s great for people on the go, you can simply flick through and do your thing with ease, the tiny touchscreen blows my mind, I haven't once tapped the wrong thing because it seems to read my mind and know what I want to do…magic. 

Apple Watch | Sport | Edition | Black | David Sims | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

It tells the time…

After all, this is the Apple Watch, right?! I have to say I love the fact you can switch up the look of your watch with the ability of customising the watch face, from digital to analogue and not forgetting Mickey Mouse, there’s definitely something for everyone and you can customise it right down to the colour of the second hand (the ticking one…is that what it’s called?!) 

It’ll make you feel like a spy…

Never have I ever spoken to my mother on the phone through a watch…that was until the Watch entered my life, it’s sort of a gimmick and I doubt you’d do it all the time, BUT the option is there to take a quick phone call through your watch on loudspeaker, yes I spoke into my cuff like James Bond, yes it made me feel empowered. 

I’ll be putting together a ’2 Days After’ vlog which will be available over on my YouTube channel this weekend to tell you how I feel after wearing the watch for a couple of days. At this point I would totally recommend it, you should for sure check it out. I have the Watch 38mm with Black Classic Buckle, it’s a £559 model in the fantastic glossy stainless steel. 


Images: Apple (David Sims)