Wear It Right: The Stripe

So SS15 see’s the stripe becoming a staple part of every well dressed guy’s wardrobe - there’s so many ways to wear stripes to get yourself a super suave look this Spring through Summer so I thought I would give you a little guidance as to what to buy because heck, it can be hard to pick!!

I am all about this New Look Pale Grey Stripe Short Sleeve Shirt - I think it is a super cool look that you can wear in so many ways. Wear it out to dinner, wear it to your boat party or even wear it to work because the bloody window wont open - this type of shirt relies on the rest of the clothes you pick, it can really and truly be worn with different items to make this fit into different style scenarios. I am a big fan on New Look right now, they’re producing some seriously good items. This £17.99 shirt is also available in a pink stripe, too #RealMenWearPink. 

I think a lot of people actually forget about F&F clothing from Tesco, after a brand overhaul, they started making clothing that tackles some of the big players in the game of fashion. This stripe tee is super basic and that what makes it great. Dress up this blank canvas - chuck an open shirt over it, a pair of skinny jean shorts and a pair of white sneakers and you’re good to go - I mean, really for £6 you can’t go wrong! 

Topman always get it right - these on-trend £24 striped board shorts bring a bit of beach hut to your beach style - if you don’t like a short short these are a good option, they sit just above the knee and are really well fitted so you don’t have wet shorts slapping around your leg. 

Blue Inc have a huge range of striped items - realistically we all know the Great British Summer will be missing the words ‘great’ and ‘summer’ when it cools off it’s nice to have your arms covered, the TS HERITAGE Ecru/Blue Rufus Stripe Crew is great to chuck on over a t shirt. Blue Inc are a great location to head to to pick up items without remortgaging your house and selling a kidney, this jumper for example is a pretty cool £14.99!

What style will you be rocking this summer…I think luckily NO ONE has made striped speedos because quite frankly, we just don’t need those in our lives! Let me know what you think in the comments below! 👋