The Guide to Nailing Wedding Style

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Whether you’re the groom, one of his groomsmen, or just attending a wedding, getting the look right is extremely important. What you wear depends on so many things, the venue, the time of year and what would work with your significant other’s outfit. Here are a few tips for nailing wedding style.

Less is definitely more

I’m not talking about items of clothing, because unless you want the fury of an angry Bride…more is definitely more! I’m talking general styling, avoid bold and loud prints, don’t be the guy that’s trying to steal the attention, chances are if your outfit is too lairy, you’ll be attracting the wrong attention. Simple, classic colours work great, add a pop of colour with a tie or detailed cufflinks to really make the look complete.

Christies Tailors Wedding Suit | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion Blogger

Fit is everything

You want a suit that fits you, you’ll never get that off a rack. A bespoke suit provides you with a fit that is tailored to you, the guys at Christie’s Tailors know how important that is. They take time to understand what it is that you require and help create a suit that works for you. They also offer a bespoke shirting service to really make you feel like a king. 

The devil is in the detail

From the buttons to little stitching details, it’s the small things that help to produce a quality suit. Make sure your shoes go with the colour you’re wearing, a formal Oxford is a great addition to a wedding suit. Wear black shoes with a black suit, or brown with navy or grey.

Comfort is key 

You’ll be spending a long day and evening in your suit, so it’s important that it’s comfortable, for a summer wedding you’ll likely want a lighter fabric, autumn and winter would suggest a thicker material. Christie’s Tailors will help you to understand different materials to help you decide what it is you’re looking for in a wedding suit. 

There you have it, use these tips and you’ll nail your wedding look.