Well it’s finally here, the new site! I hope you love it, personally I think it looks great and I am super happy with it, the fading header image is everything I need in life! The mobile and tablet sites should be working perfectly now - I definitely think the old website giving in was a blessing! 

There’s lots of new stuff to explore, from all of the blog posts ever published (you can search for these now, it’s super easy to type in what you’re looking for), to my style, if you want to look back at my fashion highs and lows then now you can! I will upload a new outfit every week, just visit the Squire Style tab to have a browse through!

There’s some cool new features in blog posts now, you can share to all social media sites, you can comment to let me know what you love and loath and now you can ‘like’ a post - this is really easy to do and is found just above the comment section - if you click on ‘Like’ it'll add a hit to the blog post and I’ll then be able to tell the type of content my awesome readers love along with the content that isn't loved so much, then i’ll be able to target better content to you…see, I'm aways thinking of you 😜

Have a browse around, there’s lots of new and exclusive content, there’s also going to be fantastic competitions and giveaways launching soon, along with some massive celeb interviews that I am super stoked about!

Don’t forget to add your email address to the subscribe box on the homepage to make sure you're the first to get exclusive news - there will also be some subscriber-only opportunities and giveaways soon! 

Let me know what you think of the site below in the comments - give it a ‘Like’ too! You can also chat to me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.