Bad Style: Zayn Malik

SHOCK HORROR - Jason Orange has left Take That...oh, errrrm, Zayn Malik has announced he has quit One Direction, which, to be honest is rather inevitable - even trashy boybands have a shelf life and 1D are more than definitely approaching theirs, they are indeed the mouldy loaf of bread that is sitting at the back of the shelf. Soon, a cleaner will come along and chuck them in the bin. He has always been hailed as being the best dressed of One Direction, I wouldn't say I agree with this accolade in any way, shape or form - let’s take a look at his top 3 WORST DRESSED moments…enjoy!

The Club Promoter

Here’s Zayn posing with some misfit revellers that he managed to drag in off the street to make the nightclub look busy. Really though he looks like he probably uses the term ‘LAAAAD’, is subscribed to The Lad Bible and owns Huaraches in every colour. Don’t even try to give me your 2-4-1 drinks voucher…

The ‘DO U EVEN LIFT’ guy…


It really comes to something when your security detail has better style than you, as a multi-millionaire. Everyone knows that utter jerk in the gym that wears a headband and uses the phrase 'Do you even lift, broooo?' - How very 90’s Croydon Facelift of you…to make it worse, I have seen another angle and he has a pony tail. Sickening.

The BTEC Hairdresser


Here, Zayn is rocking his best ‘trainee hairdresser’ look - oh come on, everyone has seen what a BTEC hairdresser looks like…if you’re a BTEC hairdresser reading then I am of course talking about how darn intellectual he looks….on another note - the one on the left of him always seems to be wearing a coat, must really feel the cold! 

What do you think? What were his worst moments (other than the skunk street in his quiff that I simply couldn't bring myself to blog about) let me know in the comments below chums!